Saturday, February 2, 2008

Leafs Season Week 15 in Review- Season 1 Episode 16

The All Star Extravaganza!!!

Well....not really. This week the boys, and by boys I mean men, and by men I mean just Chris and Dave, since no one else bothered to show up, discuss the 2 Leaf losses at the hands of the referees. Yep that's right, 2 games, 6 video replays, 1 in the favour of the Leafs. We also talk about the All Star game skills competition, but not the All Star game since neither of us really watched it. Does Ray Emery really have a bad attitude or could it be something more than that? We talk about whether the media should be picking on Emery as much as they have. I know what you're thinking, "How could the Leafs Central guys be taking the side of our arch nemesis' goalie?"......All we have to say to that is, give a brother a break, yo! Send in your suggestions for new segments since Wayne can't seem to show up for every show to do Wayne's Word, that no good punk!

From the Leafs Central... at Lunch! Men.

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