Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leafs Season Week 21 in Review - Season 2, Episode 019

Dave and Chris start the episode off by discussing the latest coach firing in Guy Carbonneau. Bob Gainey takes over as the first non french Canadian head coach in a long time (except when he was interim coach before Guy). Al MacNeil, in 1971 to be exact. We also discuss the retirement of Gary Roberts. We ask the question could Steve Mason win the Calder the Vezina and the Hart trophy in the same year? Half way through the show Brian stumbles in late and rather rough shod. We the quickly talk about the Leaf games of the week. Then it's the main event. Berger Vs. Wilson. We play the clips of their argument and give our opinions on all things said. Finally we finish the show with a bang when we call Wayne spells his best Wayne's Word yet! Enjoy the show and see you next week!

From the Don King's at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trade Deadline Review - Season 2, Episode 018

After trade deadline Leafs fans are left with one question, Why? Why pick up Gerber? Why only 2 players moved out? Why only a second round pick for Antropov? Why wait until now to give Toskala surgery? Finally, why do the Leafs keep winning? The guys discuss and fight over these and many other questions this week. We give our varied opinions on the trade deadline and talk about who came out the best in the end. For some reason we get side tracked and begin talking about the lady who had her face and arms ripped off by a pet gorilla and the woman who called the police while waiting for her drive-thru order. Also talked about is Coach's corner rant about Ovenchin and the return of Mats. We also briefly discuss the return of Avery and more importantly the not so triumphant return of Wayne and his misspelled word. Enjoy the show and have a listen next week, as the Leafs season soon comes to another tragic end.

From the G.M's at Leafs Central... at Lunch!