Monday, August 18, 2008

Leafs Central Midsummer News- Season 1 Episode 26

Hello Everyone,

The gang at Leafs Central are heading in new directions...all Wayne, all the time! Wait, we've got a better idea than that, from now on you can listen to us live via It took 2 hours of troubleshooting to find out Dave did 2 very simple things wrong. Both had to do with wrong plugs. Add an extra 45 minutes to figure out how to use talkshoe and you've got some pissed off guys who are in a hurry to finish the show before it even started. Anyways, this week we talk about, yep, you guessed it, Mats and McCabe. We also talk about Gilmour and Clark, Bowman going to Chicago and Chris becomes cynical about the Coca Cola Zero Fans free game. Oh, and Dave prattles on about his buddy 'minnie' Haydar, yawn. All in all it was over before we knew it and next episode we will be looking forward to being quick to start and technologically savey to boot! If you want to listen live just check out our website every now and again to see when the next live show is schedualed. When the time comes go to and you'll find us there jabbering away. You can call the show, or just chat through a feedback system. Best of all you don't have to join talkshoe to listen. We hope you join us sometime!

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From the gang at Leafs Central... at Lunch!