Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trade Deadline Special Bonanza Spectacular! - Season 1 Episode 19

Welcome to our Trade Deadline Special!

Despite the title, this episode is far from bonanza spectacular, I just wanted to use the word bonanza in our title! This week we discuss some possible moves coming this tuesday and look forward to that time when we can put the Mats fiasco behind us. Will he be a Leaf before our 20th episode? He's going to come under a lot of criticism no matter what he does, however our good friend Wayne never comes under criticism, except when he tries to spell Datsyuk..... and his mic quality sucks this week too.... and he kind of rambles a bit as well..... and well, it's Wayne! Next week look forward to the triumphant return of Brian as well as the more important, special, secret guest. The Leafs need to keep losing if they hope to get Stamkos, so STOP WINNING EVERY 2 OUT OF 3 GAMES!

From the Classy Ass's at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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