Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay! Leafs Week 9 in Review - Season 4, Episode 010

Okay! This week we talk retirements, Winter Classic Alumni game rosters, HBO shows, and a little coach-Kovalev spat. Okay! We also discuss the surprising amount of write in votes for Kris Letang and Carey Price. People still use the post office and write letters? What a world! Okay! We then reminisce about the 4 games of the week, 2 surprising wins against Boston and the Caps and 2 expected losses against the Pens and Flyers. Does Wilson still deserve to be fired? The fans at the ACC Thursday night boos their disapproval over the teams performance. Okay! Then we play some clips of Marc Crawford flipping out and Darren Pang....being a racist? No, it was a Freudian slip.(a racist one) Okay! Finally we wrap it up with Wayne's Word and Wayne calls P.K Subban a accident.

From the waffle throwers at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Reunion Tour! Leafs Week 8 in Review - Season 9, Episode 009

Like the Rolling Stones we also have a reunion tour! Or maybe like the Beatles we just get together on a roof for one more show! Okay so we're exaggerating...a lot. However the original fab 4 of the show have returned together to talk Leafs, or more importantly Leafs coaching and management. We all lament and weep and sit in ashes regarding the extremely poor play of our beloved blue and white. Is there a solution in sight? Chris pushes hard for free agent diamonds but Brian insists we stay the course and Richards+Semin is just average Leafs gomer talk. We also talk about jersey throwing and things get a little abstract. Brian brings up Colin Campbell stuff he doesn't know anything about! We also discuss the Monsters freaking out. We then have Matt Kalman from to talk Bruins and his book about them. As always we have a doozy for Wayne's Word and he makes hay for us!

From the Richard Peddie suit jersey throwers at Leafs Central... at Lunch!