Monday, December 8, 2008

Leafs Season Week 8 in Review - Season 2, Episode 011

Welcome to Avery Central... at Lunch! We couldn't help ourselves this week and we had to talk Avery. This episode we spend a good 30 minutes on that knucklehead. Speaking of knuckleheads Chris may be the only guy that's on Sean Avery's side. Things definitely get heated this week. After that we discuss the firing of Carolina's head coach and the hiring of good ol' Maurice. We wrap things up before break discussing the All Star Ballot stuffing by the dirty Habs fans, and apparently the Pens fans as well. Chris and Wayne piss Brian off quite nicely. The show ends very poorly with a horrible round table about the Leafs games of the week. Try and ignore the sound of Brian choking two dogs in the background and enjoy! At least this time Wayne spells his word wrong and doesn't cheat!

From the dog stranglers at Leafs Central... at Lunch!