Sunday, January 27, 2008

Leafs Season Week 14 in Review- Season 1 Episode 15

Win, Loss, Win , Loss

If that pattern continues the sad but new managed Leafs will definitely NOT make the playoffs for the 3rd year in a row! They need to be a little more like this; Win, Win, Win, Win, Loss, Win Win, Win, Loss, etc....This week the gents are graced by the return presence of Dave and we get more emails from his adoring fans (family and close friends). He has a lot to say, but it's mostly criticism of our last show sans him, sigh. Huge news in Leaf Land with the slow painful assassination of J.F.J and his replacement by The Silver Fox. No, not some super hero G.M but rather a 73 year old man, Cliff Fletcher. Is he going to REALLY be in charge or does he have Richard Peddie's hand up his ass, and no, that is not a gay reference but rather a puppet-ventrilaquist one. Next week we hope to have Fred Patterson joining us in studio so keep listening and thanks for your support.

From the, "No Hand Up the New G.M's Ass Please Club" (N.H.U.N.G.M.A.P.C) and the gents at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Leafs Season Week 13 in Review- Season 1 Episode 14

Are things about to change?

One way or another things are changing soon. Whether it's the Leafs play on the ice or things in head office, somethings definitely on the move. This week we have the return of Jamie and Wayner and therefore, the return on Wayne's Word, excellent! For the first time ever Dave is not apart of the show and it ends up being a record for the longest episode ever. We discuss the Leafs lose to the Sharks, followed by 2, yes 2 straight victories. Could this be the beginning of something good or another anomily like the last 4 game win streak. Wayne says the most he's ever said in an episode and after listening you'll realize why we try to keep his comments to a minimum (McCabe, Tucker and Sundin- Wayne's first line All-Stars, yes Wayne thinks McCabe is a forward, which ironically isn't as far fetched as his Tucker pick). Thanks to all of our faithful listeners and tell everyone to listen to the best TML Podcast around! know, our podcast.

The perpetual fools of Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leafs Season Week 12 in Review- Season 1 Episode 13

Down they go swirling, swirling, swirling to the bottom of the toilet bowl.....
And into a first round draft pick.....
We hope.

This week the 3 amigos at Leafs Central talk about, you guessed it, 3 straight loses by the Leafs at the hands of Philly, Ducks, and Kings. It's time to talk blowing things up and we talk about it...with no real original ideas. We love you Sundin but it's soon time to move you for some picks and prospects. This episode is without Wayner again and therefore no Wayne's Word. Brian drops in for a quick quip and visit but for extended periods of time forgets to turn his mic on. What a doofus! They boys also lament at the HUGE signing of Ovechkin, since it means that there is NO chance that the Leafs can land him. Well, they can always wait till he's 35 and sign him on the downside of his career, that's what the Leafs usually do! Next week we'll see the return of Wayne and his craaaazy antics.

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From the sad boys at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leafs Season Weeks 10 and 11 in Review- Season 1 Episode 12-B

Leafs continue their suckage.....

Have a listen to Episode 12-B and hear how our second take of 12 goes. (Chris stupidly erased episode 12, dumbass!) This week we discuss the Leafs continued losing at the hands of many crappy teams. Jamie almost gets his wish and sees Raycroft 10 in a row, however Clemmenson comes in to break that up.(thank God!) We also talk about the Winter Classic, Avery the douchebag and Chris' love of that word. Does fighting actually help a team win? See what we all think about that, and if the NHL needs more villians like Mike Vick. Sorry but no Wayne's word this week, because he was making love all night long. (shudder) Pundy fills in once again.

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From the nerds at Leafs Central... at Lunch!