Monday, July 14, 2008

NHL Draft and Free Agency Special- Season 1 Episode 25

The guys at Leafs Central got bored this summer and decided to get back together for another episode. There was so much to talk about and after listening back to the show we realize that we didn't even come close to covering everything we wanted to. We blame that on the impatient wives for rushing us near the end. Oh well, maybe we'll do another show this season. Some of the things we talked about are; the Red Wings Stanley cup win, the draft choice Luke Schenn, the signing of Finger and Hagman, Huet and Theodore, Kevin Lowe finally retaliating, and much more. Wayne was there and had to spell the name of a new Leaf, find out who and if he nailed it! Stay subscribed and keep at attention for another show, hopefully soon, to fill in the blanks of things we needed to get to in this show but didn't. Email us suggestions and questions at

From the boys of Leafs Central... at Lunch!