Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leafs Weeks 6 and 7 in Review - Season 2, Episode 010

We're back! Due to the absentmindedness of Dave we were unable to get into the studio to record an episode last week. Instead we spent 45 minutes freezing our butts off in the dark looking for a key. This week there was so much to discuss that we missed some good things but it was still a great show. We talk about the Ovechkin-Malkin feud, the verdict handed down to David Frost, the hiring of the mighty Brian Burke, the raising of Clark's banner to the rafters and much more. More importantly we have for the first time dirty Sens podcasters as guests. Blech! That's right the guys from Sens Underground join us to talk the sickening Sens and the reasons behind their horrible play. They also go on and on about their 'golden god' our nemesis as Leafs, the unmentionable one. In the end it was all a good laugh and Shredder provided our Wayne's Word for the evening, stumping Wayne. Thanks again for joining us and we look forward to it again sometime. Listen next week live on talkshoe!

From the haters of the unmentionable one, Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Leafs Season Week 5 in Review - Season 2, Episode 009

First to break the news straight from the NHL website, Barry Melrose gets canned and who didn't see that coming? Brian makes a triumphant return to discuss the Leaf games of the week. Starting with the clear decision over the Habs and following through with the first 2 thirds of the western swing, a split decision. The Leafs finally return to the west and the Leaf fans were out in droves! The guys also give their opinion on the newly available Brian Burke. James joins the call and talks about Luongo's amazing shutout streak and the difficulty the Leafs are going to run into facing the hot goaltender. Finally Wayner shows up and shocks the Leafs Central world by spelling an un-spellable(is that a word?) word. Brian is adamant he cheated, however all of this will be cleared up next Friday live on talkshoe!

From the cheaters? at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leafs Season Week 4 in Review - Season 2, Episode 008

Only 1 win to show for this week for the Leafs. The defense and PK are getting worse and the goaltending may be an issue. This week the guys discuss Martin Brodeur's injury, the weird All Star nominating, and of coarse the Leaf games. The only positives this week was the come-from-behind victory against the Rangers and the incredible play of Grabovski. After that it was 2 straight loses to the Canes, that could have easily been wins, and a convincing loss to the Bruins. Dave and Dan gang up on Chris about the problems in Dallas with Sean Avery, Chris is on the side of Avery's attention getting personality, while Dave and Dan think he's a disgrace. Wayne stays out of this argument and waits for his segment. Brian emails and incredibly hard word for Wayne's Word that non of us would get, so needless to say Wayne misses by a landslide. Tune in live next Friday on Talkshoe!

From the guys at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leafs Season Week 3 in Review - Season 2, Episode 007

Are the Leafs for real or what? This week it's just the 3 of us and we talk the 3 Leaf games. 2 sweet wins with rotten balony in the middle. Leafs fans were happy to see the Leafs handily beat the rival Sens. We got an eyefull of Stamkos and destroyed Brodeur's confidence....well not really. Also this week we discuss hits to the head, Boo-Alfies contract and Shanahan being back on the market. Have a listen to Adam Mairs potty mouth and his subsequent response to his fine. Also as usual Wayne gives a go at spelling Zherdev. It's a wild one when he also gives a quick try at Visnovski (did I even spell that right?) Join us next week on Talkshoe, we'd love the company!

From the cool dudes at Leafs Central... at Lunch!