Monday, February 23, 2009

Hockey Day in Canada Special! - Season 2, Episode 017

Welcome to the Hockey Day in Canada Special! This week it's just the 3 guys talking hockey from the brand new podcast studio. To be more accurate the unfinished podcast studio with no heat, chairs, flooring, washroom, running water or table. We talk about the first 2 trades to start off the season as well as Mike Green's record making streak. We also discuss the mob affiliations with the Montreal Canadians, will one of the Habs turn up at the bottom of the St. Lawrence with cement shoes? The passion for ex-captain Mats is evident when the guys talk heatedly about his controversial last year with the Buds. It's too bad we all agreed and there was no one like Dan the Man to argue our points. Sad to say we go 2 weeks in a row without Wayne's word. So what was so special about this Hockey Day in Canada show? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

From the Mobsters at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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