Monday, February 2, 2009

All Star Week in Review - Season 2, Episode 014

This week on the show the boys discuss Zetterburgs brand spanking new 73 million dollar contract and mildly debate about who is a better player, him or Rick Nash. We also have Russel from Sens Underground join us to give us the skinny on the diarrhea mouth Melnyk. Russel challenges the Leafs to a race to the bottom of the NHL. We accepted! We also reminisce about Dougie Gilmour and the good ol' days back in 93'. Later on we talk about Pogge and the Leafs avalanche lose to the Wild and wild win over the Avalanche. Then we get in a big to-do over the NHL All Star game and the very gay and very embarrassing pre-game shows. The NHL needs to cultivate a better image then cirque du soliel garbage. Chris gives some ideas for changing the game and making it better. The big finale comes with Wayner attempting his word of the week, which I am not about to attempt myself. Cheerio and have a listen next week!

From the All Stars at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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