Monday, October 6, 2008

Leafs Season Preview - Season 2, Episode 003

Apologies ahead of time to our listeners for the bad sound quality of this show. Our recording crashed for the 3rd time in a row and this time we were unable to recover it. So we had to resort to our backup recording which is the talkshoe version. So this episode sounds like your eavesdropping on a phone conversation over skype between Brian, Chris and Dave. This week we previewed your very own Toronto Maple Leafs and the upcoming season. Come to think of it last years Leafs preview was the worst quality as well! As goes our Leafs preview, so goes the Leafs team.....poor quality. Wayne was too sick to make it so we all missed out on his feelings about the boys in blue this year. He was able to call in the show for his special segment and he gave us a confession about last weeks Wayne's Word. Let's just say the integrity of Wayne's Word was compromised and he is being dually punished. Tune in this friday for episode 4, and hopefully we won't have a crash for a 4th time in a row! HUAR!

From the telephone of the boys at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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