Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leafs Game 1 Recap - Season 2, Episode 004

Welcome to the first non preview show about the Leafs. This week we discuss the Leafs very first game of the year. What a shocker it was as the Leafs did what most thought was impossible in defeating the Stanley Cup champs on their banner raising night. We also talk about the upside-down placing of the Stanley Cup by Def Leppard's retarded front man. What an asshat! Have a listen to the CBC entries for the new Hockey Night in Canada theme song competition and see what you think. There was a definite disagreement between the boys on the best one to take over as the new song. We also had a guest on our show that hasn't been on for a long time and he expresses his feelings towards finally riding the team of McCabe. Wayne doesn't say much but he's there in the end with his bold attempt to spell Kulemin. Next friday we should be live on Talkshoe so tune in and have a listen.

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