Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leafs Season Weeks 10 and 11 in Review- Season 1 Episode 12-B

Leafs continue their suckage.....

Have a listen to Episode 12-B and hear how our second take of 12 goes. (Chris stupidly erased episode 12, dumbass!) This week we discuss the Leafs continued losing at the hands of many crappy teams. Jamie almost gets his wish and sees Raycroft 10 in a row, however Clemmenson comes in to break that up.(thank God!) We also talk about the Winter Classic, Avery the douchebag and Chris' love of that word. Does fighting actually help a team win? See what we all think about that, and if the NHL needs more villians like Mike Vick. Sorry but no Wayne's word this week, because he was making love all night long. (shudder) Pundy fills in once again.

If anyone knows the code to Contra for NES, email us and let us know.

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