Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sporting News Fantasy Hockey Pool

For everyone that wants to join our pool here is the info you need. The site is and before you can get a team in our league you have to register an account. This is FREE so you just need a login name and a password, so you will need to have an email address as well. After this setup step go to the NHL Fantasy section. There you will have a choice of 2 different fantasy games. Choose the one that is free, NOT the Ultimate one, that cost money and we are not on that one. They will ask you then to make a name for your team, choose a name that is not taken. Click the get your free team button and then they will ask if you want to create a league, join an existing league or join a random league. Choose the Join An Existing League button. There you will search for our podcast league called Leafs Central (obviously under `L`). It is a basic pool and is open to join, no password needed. You will find our individual teams plus a group team for the guys at Leafs lunch. We are going to be alternating who controls the team week by week. Brian is first up and then each week one of us will be getting to use the 2 trades as our own to make crucial get it.

Thanks for joining and I hope you like the pool!
May the smartest G.M win! Hopefully not Wayner, but crazier things have happened.