Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leafs Playoff Push - Season 4, Episode 015

So, as always the Leafs are making a late season desperate push to make the playoffs. As always everyone is asking the question, will they make it? If you want answers than listen to this show, then find yourself wanting more answers because we don't give any. Same old, same old. We all want them to make it this year since we don't have to worry about poor drafting position. We also review the recent trades and the boring trade deadline. Is Dion Phaneuf the worst captain in Leafs history? Some in Toronto radio have been saying so, we give that topic a whirl. We also speak about the difference between the Leafs play with Reimer vs. Giguere in the nets. Finally we discuss the ridiculous of 3 point hockey games and wrap it up with as always Wayne's Word.

From the worst captains in Leafs Central... at Lunch! history.

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