Monday, November 8, 2010

Die by the Blade! Leafs Week 4 in Review - Season 4, Episode 005

This week the guys Die by the Blade! Or to be more specific they have Zach from the show Die by the Blade on as a guest to talk about the Buffalo Sabres and their many woes this season. GM Dave makes a ridiculous suggestion of a trade, Tomas Kaberle for Tim Connoly. Thankfully his assistant GM rejects that trade and says he wants more for Kaberle than that. Maybe that was Brian Burkes problem all summer....always wanting more. They also discuss the weeks Leafs games from the back to back shutting out of our Buds, to the lose to our hated rivalries the Sens. Brian was there live so he gives us some more insight on the game, sort of. Finally they talk of the Caps game and give Wayne another chance to spell Niedermayer with his brother Rob. This is how he spelt it in season 3 with his brother Scott: Neineyer. Tune in to see how he does this time!

From the Sabre murder victims at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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