Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leafs Week 1 in Review - Season 4, Episode 002

The Leafs start of the season a perfect 3-0 and the fans are bloody excited! Manage expectations everyone, they can't keep winning every game. This week we talk about the prior Leaf games, the demotion of Jeff Finger and the many suspensions that kick off the first week in the NHL. Most interesting of all being the suspension to James Wisniewski for his penis in the mouth oral sex mimicking to none other than Sean Avery. Speaking of short things, how about the short bench the Devils played with? (it's a stretch of a segue, I know) We talk about the Leafs destroying the rival Sens and hanging on against the Pens. Is this team fast or what? We end it off as usual by giving Wayne a call and testing his ability to spell Wisniewski.

Stay tuned for some exciting guest in the coming weeks.

From the N.H.L Disciplinarians at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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