Monday, November 30, 2009

Leafs Season Week 7 in Review - Season 3, Episode 006

It's the Dave and Chris show, and until Brian finishes all his remodeling of his new place it's gonna stay that way. This week we talk about the Leafs inconsistency in play. The week of point streaks followed by 4 losses in a row and an awful lose to the Hurricanes. You can hear the dispair in their voices as they grasp for something, anything positive to say about the Leafs latest performances. It's a rough go of a show that not even Wayne's Word can cheer up. If the show seems to be as inconsistent as the Leafs play, be encouraged to know that we will soon be back in the swing of things now that all the moving is done, (almost).

From the Inconsistent Frown Face boys at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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