Thursday, April 3, 2008

Leafs Season Weeks 22 and 23 in Review- Season 1 Episode 23

This week on the show the guys shoot the breeze about the Leafs failing to win the back to back games with Boston and become eliminated from the playoff race. Now we've set our sights on a new goal with a small mathematical possibilty. Our ultimate nemesis is on the verge of missing the playoffs if all the right pieces fall into place. The Toronto - Ottawa game this Thursday night is all important now as the buds have a chance to cripple the Sens. If Washington continues to win the final 2 games of the year and the Sens lose the 2 games left, THE SENS WILL BE ELIMINATED FROM THE PLAYOFFS!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! From FIRST to OUT will be a dream come true for most Leaf fans. Speaking of nemesis', find out which Coach is the Darth Vader of the NHL. The guys also discuss all of the fascinating playoff races. Wayne also makes a valient attempt to spell Iglina...miglina.....Igilina. Well it's a valient attempt to spell AND pronounce Iginla. We have only one more show left and we will be doing it the week of the playoffs. Enjoy and email us at .

From the disappointed guys at Leafs Central... at Lunch!

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