Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Toronto Maple Leafs Preview- Season 1, Episode 003

Welcome to our very special 3rd episode of Leafs Central... at Lunch! in which we finally live up to our name. In episode 3 the guys focus on the Maple Leafs and their outlook for the 07/08 season.

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Until next time, thanks again for listening

The Leafs Central... at Lunch! crew.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Listening to ep. 3 (1st time listenin.) Rob Rammage was in the news, there has been some articles in the Toronto newspapers over the last couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, Jamie... Good thing they had Antropov on 1st line!!! Tsk tsk.. lol..

Leafs Cental... at Lunch! said...

To Anonymous,

You just wait for the change when Ant"drop"ov gets demoted to the 2nd line cause of lack of production.

My prediction is by mid-November he'll get the axe and be sent to the 2nf line. Just a matter of time.

Leaf fan but not an Antropov fan
Jamie @ Leafscentral...@ Lunch!

Leafs Cental... at Lunch! said...

Hey thanks for listening!
Rob Rammage has indeed been in the news. The Toronto Sun even had him on the front page at least once. I was trying to compare the difference between the media coverage of Mark Bell compared to that of Rammage, both guilty of dui, but Rammage even killed someone (Keith Magnuson).
While I appreciate the greater interest in the Bell story because he is an active player, some may wonder if too much emphasis is put on that point alone, and not the seriousness of his crime. I remember when Mats and his girl broke up last year, more press was spent on that story than on Rammage! Toronto is notorious for hounding on there sports celebs, and yet Rammage seems to be quietly put on the back-burner.
I may write more about this in a blog entry, if I'm not being clear enough.
Thanks for listening, annoymous! We appreciate your comments and I hope you enjoy the show.

Leafs Cental... at Lunch! said...

Oh, and by the way-
A bold prediction James, after 2 great games already by Antropov. Hey, I've been calling for his removal for years, but finally after last season I'm willing to give him a chance. It all depends on his health.

Brian (and the above comment, too)